Author Topic: [L2OFF - H5p5] L2.WS opening 9 september; would you like to play the latest l2?  (Read 7940 times)

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[L2off - High Five part 5] L2.WS (100% rusoff files)
Project goes live on 9th of september.

ENG Forum:
Files game client and patch (update your client from lineageII.exe before applying patch):
Registration for test server:

- expected 6 000+ players at start
- High Five, part 5 100% (ruoff pts files), w/o pts buggs
- english client/npcs/quests etc
- good english support from staff members
- serious staff
- one of the best antibot
- quality and reliability
- qualified technical staff
- server machine will be hosted in holand, so updates and restarts will be during night in europe

server hardware:
Processor: 24 cores 2.8GHz each
HDDs: 12x300GB SAS HD
Lan: 1Gbps

Latest l2 chronicle, can be played by everyone for free at

Call your friends and be ready for this new epic battle.

Beta starts at august 26, u can test many things with higher rates and gm shop
Beta closed at 7th of september

OPEN LIVE: 9th of september.

This private server will be one of the most advanced, trustfull , stable not just in europe but in whole world

Donate will be like in global, premium accounts, gender , nick , nick color, sub to main changers.

Share this news to all your foes, fellows and friends u played in lineage 2 world.   (website)